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What's New

The new Digital Dashboard Framework provides a common way for organizations to build Digital Dashboards on a shared architecture based entirely around web standards.

Introducing Web Parts

Web Parts are the heart of the new Digital Dashboard Framework. Web Parts are reusable components that wrap Web-based content such as XML, HTML, and scripts with a standard property schema that controls how the Web Parts are rendered in a digital dashboard. The Web Part schema offers you multiple ways of supplying content to your Web Parts. You can embed content in the Web Part itself, add a pointer to a location on the Internet or your local intranet, stream content from your Internet server, or add pointers to XML documents and XSL files. Because all Web Parts adhere to a common standard, you can create Web Part libraries that you can draw from to assemble all digital dashboards in your organization, and system administrators can manage and distribute Web Parts using these libraries.

Built on Open Standards

The New Digital Dashboard Framework is based on open standards and protocols to enable the greatest degree of interoperability. The Digital Dashboard Resource Kit 2.0 sample digital dashboards use WebDAV (Distributed Authoring and Versioning) to read Digital Dashboard and Web Part properties from Exchange 2000 Server, Windows® 2000 or SQL Server 7.0. These properties are stored and manipulated as XML.


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