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Web Part Gallery

The Web Part Gallery contains a rich library of pre-built Microsoft and third-party Web Parts that you can include in your digital dashboards. By including these Web Parts in your digital dashboards, you can deliver customized lightweight applications to your users immediately without writing any code. These Web Parts are in XML format (with the Web Part extension of .DWP) and can be placed in your Web Part catalog. 
Personal Web Parts 
Outlook Inbox, Calendar, Tasks, Notes and Contacts
These Web Parts, created by Software Spectrum, provide all the rich features of Outlook inside a digital dashboard. Requires the Outlook View Control
Outlook Web Access Inbox, Calendar, Tasks
View your Personal information from the Microsoft Exchange 2000 Web Store. 
Choose your Outlook Folder (List - View)
Change the Outlook folder you are viewing by clicking on a list of folders. These two parts use the Digital Dashboard Service Component to communicate to each other.
News Web Parts 
Factiva News
Factiva, a joint venture of Dow Jones and Reuters, is the premium provider of subscription business news and intelligence delivered to the corporate desktop. 
powered by moreover.com Moreover.com Developer News
Aggregated news feeds for developers.
powered by moreover.com Moreover.com IPO Web Part
Up to the minute news on recent and upcoming IPOs.
MSNBC Business News
Major news headlines.
MSNBC Stock Quotes
Personalized stock quotes.
MSNBC Weather
Personalized weather for your area.
MSNBC Stock News
Delayed stock quotes for your portfolio. Requires the MSNBC Stock Quotes Web Part on the page.
go to msn.com MSN Investor Scrolling Ticker
This scrolling ticker provides customized news and delayed stock quotes.
go to msn.com MSN Investor Stock Chart
Watch the market move with this stock chart from MSN.

Collaboration Web Parts 

Centra Logo CentraNow Business Collaboration Network (BCN) 
Guide of upcoming public events. You do not need to be a CentraNow member in order to use this WebPart.
Centra Logo Your Meetings on CentraNow. 
You must be a registered member of CentraNow in order to use this WebPart. Documentation
Centra Logo CentraNow Create and Attend Meeting Panel
You can attend meetings that you have been invited to without being a CentraNow member. However, in order to create a meeting, you must be a CentraNow member.
Microsoft Project 2000 Web Part
The Microsoft Project Central Digital Dashboard WebPart allows users to access their Project 2000 tasks through the digital dashboard.
Cambridge Technology Partners Pager*
This Web Part allows you to instantly send pages to people around the world. (resources)
microsoft.com Home Microsoft NetMeeting
The NetMeeting Web Part allows you to communicate with associates regardless of time and distance.
microsoft.com Home MSN Messenger
The MSN Messenger web part beta allows you to communicate instantly with your team (you will also need to host the ActiveX Control).
Business Intelligence Tools 
Decision Support Panel OLAP Part Builder
DSP OLAP Web Part Builder is a tool you can use to create web parts presenting compact, informative and interactive data from a data warehouse.
Uniformance Trends*
A sample of process control in the digital dashboard (resources)
microsoft.com Home Performance Monitor
Windows PerfMon inside your digital dashboard
Dashboard Excel Spreadsheet
Perform quick calculations with this fully programmable spreadsheet component.
Services Web Parts
Expedia.com Maps
View a map of any location in the United States
Book Travel on Expedia.com
Check the price for a trip on Expedia.com
Expedia.com Driving Directions
Get driving directions to anywhere in the United States
microsoft.com Home Traffic Cams
View Traffic cameras for the Puget Sound area
MSNBC Weather
Personalized weather for your area

* The Honeywell and Cambridge Technology Web Parts have supporting resources that need to be installed into the wwwroot\resources directory on your digital dashboard server by default.

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