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CentraNow WebParts


WebPart Overview

This package contains 3 Digital Dashboard WebParts to access the publicly available CentraNow Web-based meeting service.  These parts are:


·         bcnguide.xml - the CentraNow Business Collaboration Network (BCN) Guide of upcoming public events. You do not need to be a CentraNow member in order to use this WebPart.


·         mycentranow.xml - your personal meeting list on CentraNow. You must be a registered member of CentraNow in order to use this WebPart.


·         createattend.xml - the CentraNow create and attend meeting panel. You can attend meetings that you have been invited to without being a CentraNow member. However, in order to create a meeting, you must be a CentraNow member.


CentraNow Overview

The CentraNow Service allows you to:

  • Hold a spontaneous or scheduled meeting
  • Show a PowerPoint slide presentation
  • Broadcast applications - Excel files, software demos - to all meeting participants
  • Speak with participants through two-way voice-over IP or phone
  • Control who can speak and collaborate
  • Share Web pages, pictures, and graphs
  • Poll meeting participants instantly
  • Highlight your point with whiteboard mark-up functions
  • Communicate via public and private text chat
  • Reduce travel and facility costs by attending meeting without leaving your desk


Getting Started

Before using the Centra WebParts, we recommend you first visit the CentraNow Web site to create your personal profile and check the checkbox to “Remember Me”.


For More Information on CentraNow WebParts

For the latest WebPart information and downloads, visit the CentraNow WebParts page at:



If you have any questions about these WebParts please contact our email list at:



To learn more about the CentraNow Service directly from your Web browser, go to: