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High Level Statistics and Market Momentum

·    SQL Server is the most popular web database with 68% market share (Zona Research, January 2000)

·    Three independent studies have found that SQL Server has a lower total cost of ownership than Oracle

·    SQL Server is three times easier to use than Oracle (American Institute for Research 1999-)

·    Fastest growing database, with 86% revenue growth, and 10.3 million seats in 1999. It accounts for over 71% of databases sold on the Windows® platform

·    Six of the top 10 shopping sites use Microsoft SQL Server (Netcraft analysis of PC Data rankings, Dec. 1999)

·    Over 2000 applications are available on SQL Server

·    More than 85,000 trained SQL Server DBAs

Scalability  Proof Points

·    Got two minutes? We can give you a million transactions. SQL Server 2000 running on Windows 2000 achieved the highest performance ever for the TPC-C benchmark, with 505,302 tpmC and price/performance of $20.68 per tpmC.[1]

·    SQL Server 2000 on Windows 2000 provides the best performance on the SAP R/3 Sales and Distribution Standard Benchmark on Windows, supporting 7,500 concurrent sales and distribution users with 53% more scalability than Oracle on Windows 2000.

·    SQL Server 7.0 Enterprise Edition and Windows 2000 Advanced Server set the world record for the PeopleSoft Human Resources Management System (HRMS) benchmark, showing that the platform can support 21,000 concurrent users with a specified response time. It is the highest result achieved on any platform, with 23% better performance than Unix/IBM DB2.

·    SQL Server 7.0 Enterprise Edition and Windows 2000 Advanced Server on Compaq was used to break all records for the PeopleSoft Financials Online Benchmark, supporting 4,600 users with a specified response time. It is the highest result achieved on any platform, with 15% better performance than Unix.

·    SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition and Windows 2000 Advanced Server on Compaq set the world record for the J.D. Edwards OneWorld Benchmark, with 4,537 concurrent users. It beat the Sun/Oracle previous record by over 37%.

Reliability Proof Points

·    An independent study by Aberdeen Group found that nine early-adopter dotcom sites had a combined 99.95% uptime on Windows 2000.  From Aberdeen’s perspective, this level of availability is outstanding considering that most accounts still needed to fully optimize Windows 2000, upgrade to the final release, and build expertise in the product. (Aberdeen Group: details on pg 2)

·    Unisys guarantees 99.99% availability on PeopleSoft/ SQL Server

Security Proof Points

·    SQL Server 2000 has attained C2 Certification – the highest government security classification. (details on pg 2)

·    More than half of all secure (SSL) Web sites rely on Microsoft's platform--almost 4 times those on Sun Solaris (Netcraft 5/2000).

Reliable and Scalable B2C Sites on the Microsoft Platform

SQL Server has enabled:

o to become third largest e-tailer, with 99.98% uptime

o to answer 4 million questions per day

o to handle 20 million hits a day w/99.97% uptime

o to support over 200K concurrent users during peak use

o  RadioShack to handle 4K concurrent users

o to achieve 99.98% availability while selling 500K books in 2 days. 

o to experience 99.9985% availability in the past 12 months, selling over $35 million computers/day

o  Quixtar to make $100M in its first 100 days online




CBS SportsLine



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Reliable Hosting and B2B Superior Uptime

·    Commerce One uses SQL Server to achieve 99.99% availability and supports over 70 B2B exchanges for customers such as Boeing, British Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, PACCAR TruckExchange, Columbia Healthcare and Warner Lambert 

·    Digex (with 600 SQL Servers including and US Internetworking host sites on SQL Server     

·    Data Return boasts availability of 99.93% serving customers such as Boeing, RadioShack, and Motorola

· has traded over $7.6B in market volume since going online

·    Customers using SQL Server solutions from Clarus include MasterCard, Lyondell Chemical, Met Life, Perot Systems, ComCast Cellular and Wachovia

·    Ariba, another Microsoft partner, supports Dell, Visa, Nestle, American Express, Honda, and Sunoco on SQL Server

·    Intellisys uses SQL Server to support First Union Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Ford, Texas Instruments, Hasbro

·    Others include Bank of America, British Telecom, Deutsche Telecom, Guess, Healtheon/WebMD, Honeywell, Intel, Lucent, Northern Telecom, NTT, Ocean Spray, PlasticNet, Radiant, Siemens, VerticalNet, and Weyerhaeuser




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SECURITY - National Security Agency C2 Certification: 

E-Commerce Case Studies

Data Warehousing Case Studies

The high availability and scalability of Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server and Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Enterprise Edition running on Dell PowerEdgeTM servers gives Web users access to a dynamic site for display of complete results data throughout the Summer Games.  Testing results revealed the system could handle transactions worthy of a gold medal - 198 concurrent connection requests per second (while testing 2300 concurrent web users with a 50 percent cpu utilization) on just 2 of the system’s 5 client machines. The peak transaction rate on the busiest SQL Server server is 11,880 per second at only 50 percent CPU utilization. And pushing the system to 90 percent CPU utilization, it could handle 1.2 billion hits per day.


Home Shopping Network decided to migrate the database tier of its Web solution from Oracle and Solaris to Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 running on Microsoft Windows® 2000 Advanced Server.  Profitability was achieved in 90 days.


To prepare for rapid growth, business-to-business Application Service Provider has maximized scalability and performance by upgrading all database servers to Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000. Since the upgrade, has seen database performance improve up to 300%.


LAUNCH Media uses Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 to provide their 4.3 million with streaming media, chat rooms, and polling information.


Lexis-Nexis increased capacity and speed while reducing costs for their 11,000 databases that provide decision support to professionals.  Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 helped them achieve handling close to a million queries an hour, while the reduction in hardware and development costs associated with moving away from mainframe processing allowed them to realize significantly improved price/performance ratios. is using Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 to help it manage more than 2.5 million product SKUs.  20GB of data are stored using 20 instances of SQL Server 2000 and is growing, with an average of 2,000 concurrent visitors per minute in US operations.





AT&T Growth Markets, an $8 billion business unit of the AT&T Business Services division, provides field sales personnel with access to vast amounts of internal and external data used to quickly identify and target new business opportunities across the business telecommunications market. The solution stores over one terabyte of information in the data warehouse. uses Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000for major US jurisdictional elections. They also use the Web-enabled Analysis Services, including OLAP Services and Data Transformation Services to process external voting data.

Online direct marketing giant upgraded its 8-way server from Microsoft® SQL Server™ 7.0 to Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Enterprise Edition, and has experienced a 300% performance improvement in the daily refresh of its 600 GB data warehouse.


Using Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000, iXL created a 15 GB data mart to aggregate data from the company’s three primary operational systems. iXL used SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services to generate views, aggregations, and rollups maximizing the value of information provided to the company’s decision makers. They deliver this data using the extensive XML support provided in SQL Server 2000 and the rest of the Microsoft platform.


Turner Broadcasting uses Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000to leverage the information contained in legacy systems that is used to track historical records on customers and product placements, as wel as generating business intelligence for new leads.  “I’d call SQL Server 2000 a developer’s database because you can leverage what you already know into creating very powerful database solutions.” – Matthew Drooker, VP Systems Development


Cascade Designs deployed Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 to manage its 23.5 GB database with peak transactions per minute of 17,640 because they can use OLAP to control user access to certain dimensions and cells, connect remotely over the Internet, drill down to the transaction level to see the data source, all while providing the necessary security while users get the information they need.  


[1] Compaq ProLiant 8500-700-192P, 24-node, system available 11/30/2000 .